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The New Capcom Fan Art Contest: Worlds of Capcom

Thursday, July 1, 2010, 5:51 PM [General]

Welcome to our brand new fan art contest! We've previously had Mega Man related fan art contests tied to Mega Man 10 and Mega Man Zero Collection and now, we're doing things a bit different. Given Capcom's large library of characters and franchises, I wanted to give you folks free reign in combining your favorites! Chun Li and Roll? Go for it. Viewtiful Joe and Deviljho, Blanka and Wily, etc etc. Go crazy! We want to see stuff that has never been seen before (just...keep it PG-13 please).

Hit the jump for details!

TO ENTER: Send me a private message by Monday, July 12th at 9AM PDT with a link to your art (it must be something completely new, include SOME type of Capcom crossover, and you may only use Capcom characters) and the subject "CAPCOM WORLDS FAN ART". Please include a brief explanation of your art with your entry. One entry per person.

THE PRIZE: The winners (as judged by an internal Capcom panel featuring staff from NA, Europe, and Japan) will win their choice of various prizes which includes: a Mega Man t-shirt signed and drawn on by Inafune-san, an autographed (by Inafune-san) Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun movie script (this is pending), an autographed copy of Monster Hunter Tri (signed by the producer and director), RE5 poster signed by the dev team, and MORE.

TO DISCUSS: We'll be using the previous art thread in the Mega Man forums

QUESTIONS?: Send me a private message or post in the forum!

Art Credit: DeviantArt user Daowg

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